The Orwell Prize

I am hugely proud, and grinning a ridiculously large grin, to be able to put the badge above on here.

I have been longlisted for the Orwell Prize, along with 17 other bloggers, all of whom are amazing – in particular, my two good friends, David Allen Green, a fellow legal blogger, and Lisa Ansell, who blogs purely on politics.

The full longlist is here, with links to the journalism long list, and book longlist too.

May the best man, or gobby bird, win!

The posts I entered are:

Justice RIP

In screwing Ken Clarke, Victoria Derbyshire fucked rape victims

RIP Helen and Mark

Rape is Rape, Right?

Adoption Stories from the Tories Part 1

F**k You, Bad Reporting

Shoesmith and Baby P: Who does have blood on their hands?

The Sun, that picture, and that headline

Slutwalk: Just more noise in an already noisy space

Calm Down Dear

One thought on “The Orwell Prize

  1. I’ve just read your Slutwalk post. It was the police who told me not to bother reporting, the police who said it would be “his word against mine” and that the breakdown I had suffered would mean I would be cross-examined as an “unreliable witness”. It was the anti-rape groups who supported me after this. I would have left this comment on that post, but comments are closed.

    I’m sure your other longlisted posts are wonderful, and want to congratulate you on your nomination. That one post, however, doesn’t bear any relation to how the police treated me, or the several of my friends who have tried to report similar assaults since then. Maybe you don’t see how the front line police deal with victims (yes, the specialised sexual assault ones), or if they adapt how they treat people when you are present, but the criminal justice procedures you mention are unrecognisable in my experiences, and those of my friends.

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