The Orwell Prize Shortlisting

Amid my hangover (yes, it is 9pm, and yes, it is still lingering) I am grinning broadly and sqeeeeeing loudly, and saying in a very affected tone that I am a writer. Last night the shortlists for the Orwell Prize were announced and oh my golly aunt they included me – hence the new badge over on the right.

The competition is stiff – I have had a nosy. They are:

Baroque in Hackney

Benefit Scrounging Scum

Alex Massie

Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi

Rangers Tax Case

Lisa Ansell (who happens to be a mate of mine)

Massive thanks to the Prize, and the judges, Hopi Sen and Suzanne Moore. More details of the Prize, and the shortlists for the book and journalism prize, are here.

Good luck to all, especially Lisa – if I don’t win, I sincerely want her to :D

The Award Ceremony thingy is open, so if you fancy coming, details are here:

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