Shameless promotion of my mates

These are sites owned by my friends, people I wish were my friends, or people I hugely admire (or a mixture of at least two of the above). What they have in common is that I regularly read them out of both interest and because the writing in and of itself is sheer quality. You can find them by clinking on the images. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


CharonQC. Widely hailed as the doyen of legal blogging, Charon QC’s site has something for everyone if interested in any way in law. Surrealism and parody sit along insightful posts about current legal events. As well as a blogger, Charon is a prolific podcaster. He hosts the Without Prejudice podcasts, which have quite simply been the voice of reason throughout the phone hacking scandal to date.

David Allen Green not only writes his outstanding Jack of Kent blog (which is the link on his image), but also writes for the New Statesman as their legal correspondent. He can be heard on the latest Without Prejudice podcast with legal journalist Joshua Rozenberg, debating what the difference between legal journalism and legal blogging is. He also finds time to practice media law.

Pink Tape is written by Lucy Reed and is all about family law. It is the family law blog I wish I had written when I was in practice. Actually, it is the family law blog I wish I had written full stop. Writing always with wit and warmth (and sometimes aptly placed wrath), Lucy digs deep into the family law issues of the day.