Chit chatting


Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to be on Without Prejudice, a regular podcast, where David Allen Green, Card Gardner and CharonQC chat about law. This time they were joined by me and Francis FitzGibbon QC.

We chatted about the riot sentences, the legal aid cuts, contempt of court, and the Troy Davis execution. And then we drank wine (some of us rather more than others :) ).

You can listen to the podcast here.

2 thoughts on “Chit chatting

  1. Why shouldnt mass rioting, mass looting, mass torching leading to the destrution of perosnal effects and commercial investment, plus activities threatening and leading to death be treated at the top end of prison terms? I dispair at the libertarian mindset of many.

  2. No-one is suggesting that the sentences should not be at the top end – the problem is that we don’t know where the top end is, due to the nature of the events.

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