It’s me, innit

I toiled at the bar until I ambled off into the digital sphere. I am somewhat ranty, unapologetically sweary, very much so a law geek, a bit of a geek geek and (un)reasonably political. Oh, and female.

These are the witterings from my overworked, and occasionally overwhelmed, mind. Most relate to law in some way, some not – sometimes they are written by other folk, but I always say when. I suppose there should be a disclaimer. Here it is:

Nothing on this site is legal advice, and should not be taken as such. I accept no responsibility for you taking any notice of stuff some chick on the interwebs has said. If you don’t accept this disclaimer, bugger off and do your own research.

If you want to contact me about this blog, the reply button is your friend, or you can email me –

11 thoughts on “It’s me, innit

  1. _millymoo,
    Having had time to reflect on my comments I wish to apologise correctly. My comments were incredibly stupid to say the least. I do not hold the mindset that my posts signified in any way. They were made/posted without thinking of any consequences, of which I am now deeply ashamed. They paint a particularly poor image of the police service, inparticular the MPS, who did an incredible job over the weekend, and no doubt myself. I realise there are incredibly significant ramifications for myself based on these comments and I am deeply sorry to all who read them. Yours humbly, local.

  2. I subscribe to your blog, and find it very interesting. Apologies if I am being thick, but the latest post, ‘Protected: Where are all the feminist lawyers?’, is password protected, and I was wondering whether this is a new subscription model you’re trialling, to which we have to donate? In the absence of any explanation, this was my best guess. As I say, apologies if I’m being thick…

    • Oh gosh, no, not at all. It was one I’m trying to hide, but which WP kept publishing until I put it behind a password-a proper version of it will be up when finished :)

  3. Hi milly, its little old me, Elephantfinder on Twitter. Mmmm I’m impressed, I like anything legal eagleish – are you in any way interested in the Law Comm proposals re expert witnesses and the silly things they do? If so I have stuff. toodleoo for now eh? TEH

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